think bigger

I’ve been testing out this ‘life likes gradual’ thing

this ‘step by step’ to get to spotless thing


Also, I’ve realized since I began discussing needs and wants

That I don’t just have that one question, that I ask myself while shopping


I actually have several questions that I ask myself throughout a given day

maybe even a bunch of them

but I’m only just beginning the process of transferring them over from vague sort of instinctive territory, into the kinds of things I can convey with words



I think, maybe, that one of them goes something like:

“How can I make this bigger?”


Where else in my life, can I apply this thought – in my endeavors to Build a Better Brooke?

I talked about a New Angle from which I was viewing Mornings, somewhere in this server


But yesterday, I thought about mornings and this experimental thought parameter that I’m testing out in my own life – that mornings are an opportunity to try to set the tone for the rest of my day

they are the easiest time to get things moving, to build momentum, for me- like in Press-Start

to try to build enough momentum that it carries through for as much of the rest of the day as possible

Yesterday, I asked myself that question

How I could think bigger, just a little bit, in the context of mornings

(I didn’t ask myself in those words, in that way – the words I put to what happened in my brain, later. Just now, honestly!)


But I decided that if I might gain some benefit from starting mornings off in certain ways

maybe my cats would, too!

So, I’ve been making an effort to play with them, as soon as I get up – to begin experimentation!

If it seems to work, then I’ll try to figure out what about what I did, worked

And if it doesn’t, I’ll try to think about what else I could try, see if maybe I was overlooking something. And, after enough experimentation, I’ll feel comfortable either dismissing this premise as applicable to Cats


I will start looking for the next step

The next way that I might be able to think just a little bit bigger, in regards to this idea, this concept

Our dogs? Friends and family?

Or maybe it’s the kind of thing that is particular to me, and no one else

But I won’t know

until I try


I think, though, that I’ve been trying to do this, follow a similar process

with everything


Trying to find out

If something that is useful to me, is just something I like, according to my unique PF 

Or if, maybe – I can find a way to figure out the whys of the whats

and therefore, perhaps

trace back why I like a thing

Far enough that I can find the thing in it that is not just relevant to my PF


But which may be useful to people Not Me, as well


But, gradually


One thought at a time

One person at a time

One step

at a time


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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