there must be peace

So, I just posted a thing on Facebook about how, due to a strange cyberpunk/Handmaid’s Tale-esque dream I had- I’d realized that in the case of a for-real revolution, I felt…competent.

I realized that I know how to live off grid, in urban environments, and that these are skills I could teach others.

Which is a super neat by-product of having been homeless, that I never really thought about before today!

But after posting that, I started thinking about revolutions, broadly.

And I wanted to talk a little bit about why I do not wish for a “for real revolution”

I do not believe violence is the answer, ever.

When unrest reaches a tipping point- either the protesting factions are silenced- brutally; or the oppressed become the oppressors, almost always.

Take a look at history. Very few, if any, situations where the political landscape is altered through the use of force has led to an actual increase in the equity in the population in question.

Russia, Cuba, France- the people rose from under the weight of oppression, and began punishing their oppressors.

And in so doing, reversed the roles.

This is not real change, in my opinion. It’s superficial.

What do you, reading this- think will happen, here in the US- if we do not begin changing the course of this narrative we’re living, at present?

If we keep fueling the fires of divisiveness, of anger- on both sides- it will not dissipate on its own.

This world in which we live, will not just…. Magically fix itself, without our active efforts to make it better.

What I see, if each of us does not make a stand for humanity- and not one kind of human over the others, whether those lines fall along political identity, or racial or religious lines- is disaster, chaos, heartbreak, and terrible violence.

When two people have an argument, if neither makes an effort to cool tensions- a fight will break out, or the kinds of words spoken that cannot be unspoken.

Now, let’s expand that. Turn it into a long-running feud, with many involved parties- getting louder. Getting angrier. Edging towards that tipping point, where pressure must be released.

Violence is what is going to happen, if we do not stop this. More violence than we’ve seen thus far – terrible violence.

We must find peace, or there will be death.



I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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