that thing about the Native Americans/what is TBF?


Tricksy Brain Factor


Has a lot to do with words, and with werds

That was the first time I used the word tricksy in reference to my own brain

So you can see how quickly all of this is continuing to evolve

And how recent much of this is


I have trouble, sometimes

Identifying whether or not I’m being honest with myself


So, I’ve started developing some tools

to try to trick myself into exposure

when I am being dishonest with my own self


Have any of you heard that thing, about the Native Americans

And the first Spanish ships?


It may be apocryphal

But even if so, the story illustrates the kind of thing I have in my head

pretty well


The story is that some people living here, having never before seen ships like that

Did not see them

Could not see them


Their brains just…skipped over the bit of the world

that was so far outside of what they saw as possible


But our brains are tricksy

And our brains don’t make it so easy as to give us a nice obvious blank space in our field of vision, where ships should be

our brains fill it in with ocean



I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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