anxiety and exploration

I noticed an interesting thing last night. Since then, my perception of the world - has shifted, just a little bit. I'm not sure I'm ready to go into detail…

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on protection

May 12, 2020: My initial impulse was to name this channel mothers and children, but I overruled myself on that, out of a desire to try to avoid some of…

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This is going to be quick, because I'm sleepy I mostly wanted to start this channel, with the intention of fleshing it out more later But in the context of…

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a kitten bites her own paw


Sometimes my kitten 


tries to catch her tail


but accidentally winds up catching hold of her foot



Which she then looks at, momentarily bewildered 

before deciding to just go ahead and bite it anyway


She’s already gone through the trouble of catching it 

So what else is she supposed to do with it?

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