I am trying another experiment, as of last night.
When everyone lies, telling the truth isn’t just rebellion. It’s an act of revolution. So think carefully when you speak it, because the truth is a weapon.
Things that are truly revolutionary.
But not truth, as the word. That is the kind of truth that is weaponized.
For me, there is Truth the word, the construct. This use of the tool which is truth, destroys.

Then there is truth- my truth, your truth- which is something different than a word. Something which builds instead of tears down. A tool, but not a weapon.

It is a feeling, for lack of a better word
Not something easily described
Breathing it
Every moment
And protests, in the sense the word is usually used- a group of people getting together to show solidarity and say “I am not okay with this,” is a neat thing
But I think we’ve been caught up a little too much in the construct of that idea
Protesting the way we’ve always protested-
The fact that there are still so many things that so many of us are so unhappy about
Makes me feel like it’s time to rethink things like protesting
Try new ideas, always
Try old ones we’ve forgotten about
But always take the time to really think about whether or not a particular action is likely to aid us in achieving our goals
My incessant tagging of everyone in this server is an example: I wanted to reach people with this server, but couldn’t start doing that, can’t start doing that, until people actually start reading some it.
So I tried harder to get people to read it, by doing the same things I had been doing.
Tagging everyone all the time and such.
Which was making it less likely for me to achieve my ultimate goals, of reaching people.
If we want to achieve the goals of protesting
Doing it the way we’ve always done it is counter productive, I believe.
And so my protesting is going to start taking the form of fostering empathy
I’m going to try, anyway

Just having that idea, though, is not enough to start working towards that, because it does nothing to address the ‘hows’ of it

But, now that I’ve clarified that thought in my mind, I will start actively looking for ways to do so

Like what I posted in #general, and shared on my facebook page 

It’s gotten a few likes-
I believe that people crave community
Crave empathy
It’s just really hard to find it right now
It’s almost like…. we have to manufacture it, in the way I talked about fabricating fortune
Which is not manufacturing, at all
Not fabricating, really
Because that implies all those things need to be created out of nothing, when really-
they just need to be found.
They are always there.
They were always there.
So that is my mission, now
Which is to say just the next step, the next stage in evolution of this same mission I’ve been striving towards via Snapgram, then discord, then YouTube, then back to discord again (and now, the blog and back to YouTube!)
Why I decided to work towards making my life fully open source
Why I dance so much, and why I shared videos of it
Why I’ve done almost everything I’ve done, since January
Empathy is become the automatic for me
And that feels like truth, to me
And I will try to be more conscious about communicating that
Reminding everyone I interact with of it, as frequently as I can

And that is revolution.

In our world today-
That is revolutionary.


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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