This is going to be quick, because I’m sleepy

I mostly wanted to start this channel, with the intention of fleshing it out more later

But in the context of my governmental Law Codes and such

Cleaning the guest house, or at least making actual real headway towards such today, was part of what I did today as restitution

For myself, my cats, and my friend (that I had asked for a raincheck from, since I was trying to clean the house)

To show each party that I care, even if I had erred in not doing it sooner

I did it today

And will do my best to reduce the likelihood of repeating similar mistakes in the future, by spending some time, as and when I can, thinking about why it happened and what I can do to work around my particular #tbf

To sort of wean my brain off of the habits that led to this

(and stuff)


But I also spent a few minutes

Bringing in the bigger cat tree we had in the living room of the guest house, into the bedroom

as well as a couple sundry toys and things

And making a little kitty play area

Which made me feel better


The only thing

is that Pico is still kind of sad and anxious (there was a cat fight right outside the window earlier and the yowling scared him, plus he’s still sick)

Sisi has been tearing around the play area like a furry little mouse demon thing since I placed everything

She loves it

But Pico is curled up inside one of the towers

I have a lot of restitution that I owe Pico

So I’m going to try to sleep on the floor, if I can do so without too much discomfort

Just be near him, and let him stay where he feels safe

But I’ll put my hand on his back, if he’s okay with it

To show him that he doesn’t have to sleep on the bed with me

If he feels safer elsewhere

And to show him – that I am willing to try to find some Halfway Happy’s in our relationship

(Stranger Things, anyone??)


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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