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There are many angles from which one might view The Project- meaning that there are many ways with which one might describe the purpose of it, the intent behind it- all equally accurate.
This is a thing, as well- that does not require any groundings in philosophy or systems of thought in the Rationality sphere, to be understood, and shared.
For I had none. Have, none.
I reference things like the Less Wrong concept of Minmax Life, sometimes- but this is because Metavore has told me about them, after reading stuff I wrote that sounded similar. 
I have read almost nothing from the greater Rationality movement- and little more even from Western philosophical thought (at least not in such a long time, that I do not remember much of it!)
What I have done, is spent a long time watching my own thoughts, analyzing my own actions.
So I have written about some things which may seem painfully obvious, to some people.

But that is because my goal is to reach everyone.

Anyone who is not happy, who is not satisfied with their life, who does not feel comfortable in their own skin.
This is why my vision for The Project is necessarily one of a community of voices, a collection of different words, spoken by people with different perspectives.
My words will not speak to everyone.
But yours might speak to someone that mine, will not.
My goal is to reduce suffering in the world, and I believe that increasing happiness is the only path towards effecting this is in a meaningful way.
That goal says nothing about me being the one to do it.
If the goal is achieved, I care not by which person, which people.
So I am trying to start with fundamentals. I am new at this! Started writing in my discord server a few months ago, and have yet to finish porting over all of what I’ve written there. And over time, I am getting better. Better at writing, better at finding ways to communicate what I intend to communicate.
What I advocate, is paying attention.
I advocate for honesty.
Within oneself, above all.
How are we to honestly assess how to help others suffer less, if we do not understand our own suffering? Our own true motivations, moment to moment?
I have good days, almost always- even with the current state of affairs. And this is not blindness, not ignorance.
Nor do good days just…happen to me.
I make them happen.
I’ve talked before about how I manufacture good luck, good fortune- Which is misleading, because that wording implies creating something out of nothing.
My brain is tricksy. It is clever.
And it will not accept falsehoods.
I cannot just tell it that everything is fine and dandy, when it is not- and have that become real to me.
The Project is a collection of the methods that I use, to make every day, a good day.
To work with my own self, instead of against.
To work with those around me, instead of being at odds with.
Someday, I would like this to not just be my voice.
But until then, I will not stop.
I will not relent.
This is how I’m responding to the pain, the suffering that I see around me, every day.
This is what I’m doing, to channel my own feelings of sadness at such- trying to make it better, in the only way I know how to.
By teaching anyone who is willing to take the time, how I became my own source of strength, when things were darkest for me.
I was homeless, for three years. Terrible things, I saw, did. Terrible things, I had happen to me. A terrible place, I was in.
I was not seeking a spiritual path – I was seeking death.
Or prison.
I didn’t see any other possible path, for me.
And then I sort of accidentally stumbled onto something totally New.
This is that story.


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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