This is something of a continuation of what I wrote earlier in intersections

I have realized, over time, that I love juxtapositions, as a general concept.

Like The Dreamer, by Amigo the Devil. A song sung from the perspective of a necrophiliac

Yet a song of such stunning beauty that my breath catches whenever I hear it.

Like the whimsical tales of The Decemberists – whimsical in sound, yet sometimes so dark in content.


Like the show Altered Carbon, and the movie Children of Men.

Dark worlds populated by people so very broken. 

People who have made mistakes, who are so frequently selfish, and mean

and yet

and yet, are capable of such breathtaking moments of courage

they are human.

That is what being human is, to me.

So much complexity

So much texture, so much depth

It’s not always nice to look at

but it is



Those strange juxtapositions within all of us

The hero, and the antihero

The coward, and the knight

Graciousness and cruelty

Darkness and light


Sometimes moment to moment


The way I feel, when I try to hold all that in my mind, all at once

This, I have not Found the Words to convey

And I shall not try. 


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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