I don’t know what to title this, because I don’t know what it’s going to be about, yet.

I usually only figure that out after I’m done!

I think I am writing something for the blog, to have either as a post or on its own page, ‘splaining some stuff.

But I am only partially sure that’s why I’m writing, if that makes sense? Sometimes I just feel like I ought to be writing, right now- and then I figure out why somewhere along the way.

Anyway. I’ll start with that, the blog thing.




You have found The Project.


…or has The Project found you?

No matter. Some one or some thing has been found, somewhere. And that’s the important bit.


Some of these posts will be confusing; anything older than mid-June or so is nearly directly transcribed from my discord server.

Actually. That was not entirely accurate.

Everything is transcribed from my server; for I still use it as a sort of rough-draft locale- in case anyone wants to be part of a discussion, while it’s happening!

Here is a link, if anyone wants to take part in that: https://discord.gg/6CfJbdh


It’s just that, now- I am writing in the server as though I’m writing in the blog, to make it easier to transcribe, later.

It’s all a little strange.


I have a question, for anyone interested enough to give answer!

I still have a pretty hefty back log of stuff I’m intending to port over from the server (as I continue to write more!) –

When I do so, I can edit the date stamp to reflect the original posting date- but then it might get lost in the noise for anyone just watching for new posts.

Any suggestions?  Should I post them with the automatic time stamp, and edit it later? Or just update it at the time?


Anyway.  Some other stuff- I am very new at this!  The sample pages probably give that away a bit, but I’m working on it!  Any feedback/tips along the way are not just welcome – I beg for them!


Figuratively, of course.



I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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