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Brooke Bowman

Brooke is the primary contributing author, currently.

Brooke started out as a strange child, and only got weirder from there. She was a band geek for most of her youth, worked on a commercial salmon seiner in Alaska, and dropped out of UCSC after a couple years of spotty attendance. She has spent time as a punk kid, hippie, hipster, anarchist, drug addict, criminal, and more.  

Board games.  She also really loves board games.  

Recently, she spent three years living on the mean streets of Los Angeles.

And she emerged…changed.

She emerged, with A Story To Tell.


Metavore is The Project’s cofounder, and our resident Technology Class Wizard.

That is not what he looks like. Or is it?

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Here is a link to The Project’s Liberapay account, if you’d like to see me spend more time writing and less time figuring out how to pay my bills each week 😂

Oops. Deleted it, I guess. Link will be back soon!