climbing trees

While down in LA, a few days into the trip – I was struck by a practically irresistible urge to climb a tree. This impulse was so strong, I spent good chunks of several days actively seeking out or attempting to climb various trees I came across, one night settling for wandering about the upper level of a parking garage. I did, eventually, find a perfect tree and spend hours in it over a period of two or three days. I recognized, on some level, that it was an impetus driven by a subconscious nudge to gain clearer perspective on something, but unfortunately did not attribute to it the importance, the weight, it deserved. Thus it has only been since returning to the real world, so to speak, that I’ve begun taking it seriously when I get similar urges. So, today, when it occurred to me that it was a really nice day for jumping in a lake, I set out to begin exploring the lake trails accessible from the end of my street. I have not fully processed learning about Nick McKenzie, and here’s to hoping that the wider perspective potentially to be gained from leaving even the back trails to forge my own path down to the lake, or taking pictures around the dam I never bothered to walk to in all my years living here, will aid in my doing so.

New growth emerging from the midst of the charred remnants of the recent fire here.

I made it to the water, and that was maybe the best, albeit one of the shortest, swims of my life.

Now, I’m back on the trail, heading back home and moving with an energy I haven’t felt in maybe a couple of weeks. I have occasionally been skipping in my soggy shoes, and I’m not really trying to keep the smile off my face. This doesn’t mean I’m not sad about Nick, and Joan.

But this life deserves savoring when we are able to find reason to… There will always be tragedy in this world, in each of our lives.

How we incorporate it to lessen the potential for future tragedies I think defines our potential as humans?

Effects of my second lake jump, still visible rippling across the surface.


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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