birds of paradise/thoughts about evolution


As I was transcribing the Rules channel over to the blog, I started thinking about evolution, some
I think, probably, that there are not too many people reading this stuff, who are also religious

Mostly because hardly anyone is reading it at all-yet!
But I don’t want to alienate any potential future readers, if I can avoid it
And so, I wanna say that while I don’t personally ascribe to that way of thought/belief
I don’t think that what I do believe necessarily conflicts- in that way of framing what is, perhaps one or more deities created human minds with the capacity to evolve

I almost just wrote: “but that is neither here, nor there”
But if I’m going to try to be more conscious of my word choices-

what does that even MEAN?! If it’s not here, and it’s not there, where is it?

And where is here, and there, that it can’t be?



You guys know that plant that looks like a bird of paradise?

The one that is called, well….Bird of Paradise?

Ah. Strelitzia!

Those plants have always fascinated me

“How did the plant know what the birds look like?!”

I always asked myself

Whether or not there is some evolutionary reason for this plant to look like those birds, is not really relevant, here

Maybe it is accidental

What is relevant, in my mind – relevant, to me

Is the answer that my brain came up with

Maybe not ‘The Answer’

But an answer

I’m still working the thought out, honestly. This might take a few minutes


I was still stopping to stare at those plants, whenever I walked past them, as recently as this past winter

As though I could somehow see through the eyes that they do not have
As though I could somehow know the mind of those first plants
That began taking those distinctive shapes

As though they had a mind

But today


I’ve put together a few disparate thoughts I’ve had

In a way that I had not, before

Thought One:
I’ve come to realize, and feel with more and more conviction, lately
That the things that I do, that work for me
They are things that I have figured out

in retrospect

They are things that I generally began doing for reasons other than those that I ultimately ascribed to why they work

And then thought about

And then made some kind of sense of

And then began cultivating consciously

Thought Two:
In the rules thread

We talked a bit about religious proscription of potentially harmful foods/behaviors
This was during a time before we, as a species

Knew what about pork could make us sick, and when

Before we knew about bacteria

but we knew that some stuff made us sick, sometimes

And so, since we didn’t understand the mechanisms there

It made more sense, for some cultures, to enforce blanket rules against any potential source of harm


Thought Three:

So maybe that’s just how evolution works

Maybe it’s a process
Of stumbling upon things that work
In whatever niches
With or without a later conscious understanding of why it worked

I believe this may apply

To evolution, in a biological/physical/genetic sense

But also, perhaps- given what I’ve realized in regards to my own efforts to evolve, as a person-

May apply to the kind of evolution that happens in thought

In individuals

And identity groups of all kinds

In belief, and in behavior


[think bigger]




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