a tool to more effectively utilize music (as a tool)

First, though- a little history
Everything regularly was stolen or broken at some point on the street
I ended up renaming
To ‘Brooke’s sanity’ being what showed up in the bluetooth connection screen
I’d never used earbuds before; always preferred over-ear headphones
But they were incredible
Got stolen
I think that was when I really started to realize how powerful of a tool music could be, for my mental health
I realized, very recently
That it might have something to do with having a safe space
Even when the environment around me did not feel safe
I think that was when I first started manufacturing (meaning, really- finding) my own safe spaces, sometimes
I’d turn the music up loud enough that I could kind of block out the rest of the world, for a time
Until it was safe to reenter it again
I only had a shitty pair of earbuds when I got back to Redding
(Living off of dumpster diving is a process of leveling up- starting from scratch and then finding low-level loot, and slowly replacing it with Rare Items)
But my parents have been super supportive
And were awesome enough to buy a pair of nice headphones for me
I had asked for, was looking for
Something with decent sound quality
But what they got for me
Was life-changing
I have the Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless over-ear headphones
And I only take them off when I have to
I usually even sleep in them
They have this level of noise cancellation
That feels like entering into the vacuum of space when the headphones are turned on
And pretty darn good noise isolation even when they’re turned off
But, I listen to music wearing these
And I can hear so much more texture
So much more granularity
The music
It’s like I can feel it whispering throughout my brain
Or trace the buzzing or the tones
In waves
Within and throughout my skull
They have transformed my experience of music
So fundamentally
that I now feel comfortable calling myself an Audiophile
(Who can’t help but add- I just drove my newly bespeakered car for the first time!! Oh my god. Compared to the 18 year old factory stuff my car had, this felt…. mythical The bass thundered in my chest like my heart was no longer that of a human- but that of a dragon. And now, driving is fun again. And so, since I drive for work, working is werk again!!)


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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