A Guide to Sobriety, written by an expert in Not Sobriety

Wishing you could stop using?
Stop drinking so much?
Well, friends, this is the place for you!
All the answers.
A path to sobriety, finally laid out:
That’s right, don’t!
Not yet, anyway.
I am still working on transcribing/filling in the blanks on my LifeMax Equations, but over time I will have a more thorough description of those on this site.
I am going to continue using the video game analogy in this channel.
Sobriety is a super high level boss battle, guys.
The game is life, you win when you’re happy. Hear me out on this.
By taking on such a beast in this game, a monster of legendary strength and power, before your character has leveled up enough – you’re setting yourself up to get trounced.
And in this game, you can level down as well as up.
Your character is always either leveling up or leveling down, in every moment, and if you aren’t paying attention to what your stats are and how they are changing from moment to moment, chances are you’re doing more leveling down, functionally and in net values, than up.
So, how to gain enough xp to take on the kind of boss battle that is something like sobriety? Figure out your own lifemax equations, and follow them diligently!
I chose to become sober, after I’d leveled up enough in this game to want it.
It was easy, then!
Not a battle at all.
If I keep my goals relative to my character’s level, at each point along the way- what were once terrible, monstrous boss battles…become delightfully challenging missions in which I generally find that the beast only seemed so from a distance and really just has a problem that I can help it solve.
That may be getting a little too abstruse.
I want to be honest about something here. I am sober right now, except for the occasional social drink or two with my parents of an evening.
But the primary impetus behind why I’ve been stressing the fact that I’m sober so frequently has been an attempt to not have even more people, even more of you, here in this server- dismiss what I’m saying out of hand.
I’ve been getting more than my fill of that in general lately, and I don’t want to add to it by giving anyone the impression that this is just drugs talk.
But now I’m kind of feeling like that choice perhaps led to me turning off those of you who are currently struggling with substance use issues… I also keep trying to direct my efforts at communication in ways that I think might resonate better for certain people, and repeatedly find myself circling back to the realization that the best way for me to communicate on a broader level, probably, is to just say what works for me and not worry quite so much about how specific people are taking it.
So, therefore: I could not become sober before I found happiness. Just couldn’t.
But once I did, and now that I have been endeavoring to consciously direct and control that process within my own life and brain – now I no longer just know, on a purely intellectual level, that those things are bad for me. Now, I believe it, and when I started believing it, the guilt that comes from that kind of inconsistency between thought and actions, just went away. As long as something like that remains knowledge alone, and not belief, we’re gonna keep doing it because it’s what we want to do – even if we know we shouldn’t.
I gotta start doing some stuff now, but I’ll write more on this later. And, as always, any and all feedback, thoughts, arguments for and against – are not just welcomed…. They are encouraged. Implored? Please talk to me about stuff, guys, is what I’m saying! You guys can send out your own invites for other people to join this server, right? I think you can. Well, if any of you don’t want to talk about this stuff with me, but you run across someone else who might – don’t even ask me first. Just throw an invite their way. I can assure you I will be grateful! I talk to myself quite enough already, thank you very much.


I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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