Consistent, or Not Consistent?

I’m starting to think that maybe we just don’t notice anything, until it’s….different

That whole habitiuation thing, you know?

Our brains become habituated to things that are consistent, and to highlight, so to speak, any variations…


Now that I have begun to develop a greater consistency, between thought, and action; head and heart- I no longer need to display things like anger, or sadness, to let those around me know that I am bothered by something.

Not that I ever once really had those thoughts, in that sort of order!

This is another one of those things, like the birds of paradise post- where I’m only in retrospect assessing this aspect of how things are, at the moment.

But now, because the people I live with see me smiling nearly always- the simple dropping of that smile, speaks volumes.

I can be much quieter, and my silence now speaks


I just saw a thing on Facebook, a video posted by a local comedian/liberal personality here in Redding.

It was footage of this homeless man showing the comedian around his spot. The homeless man was so excited!

The footage, set to inspiring piano music, looks like it’s being filmed from hip level.

Like the comedian was filming this guy secretly.


I posted a comment about it, asking if that was the case-

As someone who just spent nearly three years sleeping in tents, on sidewalks, under bridges, and worse-

The idea that maybe someone I thought was taking the time to reach out to me, one human being to another- secretly taking video footage, that would later be put to piano music and shared publicly on the internet- that hurts me.

I didn’t want pity, on the street.

Pity was and is anathema, to me.

So it was with my friends, on the street. We wanted friends

Wanted to feel like people cared about who we were, as people- not what we represented, as The Homeless.


I bring this up in this channel, because this is the flip side of consistency.

I may be wrong in the particulars of this example- but I’ve seen it before, been guilty of it, before – under many different guises.


This is part of why I stay away from politics, in general- where is the consistency, when one side cries for freedom, but then tries to take it away from others?

When one side cries for human rights, but ignores that of those they want to use for their cause?


Maybe Consistent, or Not Consistent would be more useful attributions, in our world today- than Right or Wrong are.




I spent three years living on the street in Los Angeles. I came out of that, changed. This is my story.

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